This website pockets all the answers


As and when we have a question or need to know a thing better, we simply turn on any of the search engines; however we may have a better solution moving ahead. Instead of looking at far too many results which generally puts us in state of confusion as to which one to surf, we might just have a precise and a single mode that would answer our questions bearing a clear cut tag.

Scientists have claimed to use technology at its very best to develop a website that provides direct answers to direct questions, creating a substitute for search engines to a greater extent. According to the reports, the website ‘’ is an internet answer engine which gives direct answers to directly put questions.

The developing officials said that the website is a ‘phone a friend’ on the internet that can answer trillions of questions. What’s special about the site is that it doesn’t give you the references to the write-ups mentioning the words in the questions; in fact it gives the exact answers. If at all, the tool doesn’t know the answer, it simply tells you it doesn’t know. Although it doesn’t know everything but as we will input more information, it will know more and more.

Using the unique semantic technology which has been many years in development, it really promises a strong platform which would make things easier for the masses, saving on their time and effort.