Watch out for India and China – next big Techies


Slowly but steadily, the pace appears just about fine for India and China. Especially looking at the speed at which the world is moving ahead in terms of Technical progression, it would be an understatement if the aforementioned economies are still touted as developing markets.

“India and China coming up fast as new tech powerhouses will drive much of the growth in information technology over the next ten years, Though a big gap still exists between these emerging markets and developed nations, that gap is bound to narrow over the next decade”, the Forbes magazine said citing a recent Global Information Technology Report by the World Economic Forum.Out of 138 countries tracked and ranked by widespread use of mobile phones , Internet, personal computer as well as regulatory environment and IT infrastructure, China ranks 36th and India 48th. Among other high-scoring Asian countries, Singapore excelled in second place while Taiwan checked in at sixth, Korea came in 10th and Hong Kong 12th.“Last year, India and China also accounted for 13 percent of the $37.7 billion venture capital investment into startup and emerging companies globally”, Forbes said citing Dow Jones Venture Source. “China investment jumped 59 percent to $4 billion while India weighed in with a 14 percent increase to $895 million – both higher than the 11 percent spike for the US at $26.2 billion.”