Usage restrained for Blackberry individuals in UAE


Individuals and small scale businesses will not be able to access the most private data services offered by Blackberry anymore. The same was quoted by one of the local UAE newspapers on Saturday, 16th April. The action taken by United Arab Emirates is sure to make news in the following days to come.Only businesses with 20 or more subscriptions will be allowed to use high security accounts on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which allows for services such as highly secure corporate email, the newspaper reported. BlackBerry maker Research in Motion encrypts email messages as they travel between a BlackBerry device and a computer known as BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). “Enterprise Services are to be made available to qualifying organizations only and not to private individuals,” the paper quoted the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority as saying. The ruling would come into effect on May 1st.

UAE apparently had been demanding the entity the access to email and other data services in the past. The situation even worsened to the extent that the country in fact threatened to suspend the Blackberry messenger, email and web browser services before the dispute was finally settled on Oct 11th last year. Countries like USA and Russia already have the access rights for the Blackberry services in their regions.