US military to spy on social sites


With the growing security concerns in the US, the military has been making constant efforts for a period now to further make the environment safer and fine for the masses. The social networking sites are one of those platforms that need to be monitored more closely for better vigilance.

Recently, the military has procured a ‘spy software’ that would allow its crew to secretly manipulate social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by using fake identities. The programme developed by San Diego firm ‘Ntrepid’ is worth 2.7 million dollars. The software allows one military user to create multiple personas on internet and engage in extended online communications with terror suspects. The online personalities look pretty realistic and persuade extremists to allow them into chat rooms and message boards by creating the appearance that they are logging on and posting messages from different parts of the world.

According to one of the military officials, the software enables an operator to exercise number of different online personas from a single workstation and without fear of being discovered. The program generates false IP addresses that are not linked to the US military, making them to appear from specified parts of the world.