Understanding Java

What is Platform Independent?

We have heard many times that java is platform independent.What is the
meaning of being platform independent.
It simply means that java is independent of the enviorment.Most people
consider only the O.S. as the enviorment,but it is not only the O.S. it also includes the hardware.The hardware includes only the brain of the computer i.e.Processor.
Java can even run on a machine with Windows 98 and pentium4.The machine only needs to have JDK installed on it.
It is one of the most important feature of Java which makes it such a popular worldwide used technology.

Java Virtual Machine

The whole java technology is based on the concept of Java virtual machine.JVM converts the byte code
into the corresponding machine language understood by the OS
and the processor viagra ohne rezept bestellen.JVM creates an enviorment
which is compatible to OS & processor.JVM is OS dependent and different for windows,linux etc.

Difference From Other Languages

Though the language may be similar to C++ and have borrowed many of its features
but it differs in the fact that the java compiler(javac) converts the source code into byte code.
In other languages the code is directly converted to machine code.
This is the reason which allows the language to be platform independent.