TeleSign: Preventing Fraud With Intelligent Authentication

In today’s time, One cannot think of living without Internet and Cloud Based Properties. With our dependence on these resources increasing at a drastic pace, there are many kinds of fraud which have emerged out of no where which keeps on causing some problem or other. Sometimes, these problems are so huge and painful that we often tend to avoid using Internet based services specially those involving money and transactions.

I was lately busy in designing a website where I required to use a Payment gateway along with some security and there I got to know about a new phone verification based protection. I chose to use two of their services namely Protected Account Access and Trusted Password Reset as both of them were must for my project. I also liked the fact that they offered a direct demo on the site which made it easier to take my decision.


Also they had some good clientelle like Intel, SecureAuth and BRToken. They also recieved the award of 15th Fastest Growing Company in North America. At this moment,  company protects 2.5 billion downstream accounts in more than 200 countries, offering localization services in 87 languages. Phone Verification Service offered by them allows us to be sure that only the correct user can login into their account plus it also provide an extra-protection level increasing up the feasibility of our product. Not just this, they also offer custom solutions for almost all kinds of IT Industries including Gaming, Education, E commerce and Enterprises. Not just this, but if you are a hosting seller/re-seller then you can use their services.