Technology makes healthcare smarter

It was only this October when Proteus Biomedical launched first of its kind digestible sensors embedded in medical pills. This apparently was aimed at creating simpler alternatives when it comes to healthcare.

The main objective behind the development was to enable doctors and medical caretakers to monitor the effects of medication on their patients’ bodies.

The actual working of the sensors sounds pretty smart. These silicon and metal sensors are embedded into pills and tablets. Once these tablets are administered by the patients, they come in contact with the body fluid in the stomach which triggers the sensors and they turn themselves on. Subsequently, they transmit a mild radio signal which is captured by a small receiver patch attached to the patients’ bodies on the skin. The receiver records the date and time when the pill is actually ingested. It also tracks the component and type of the drug and the amount of the dosage. This data is then sent to the doctors for monitoring. Since it acts as an automated documentation, it can easily be stored keeping it along with the patients’ medical history.

With such smart inventions in the field of healthcare, the time is not far when we would finally be able to seek ways to counter chronic ailments. Needless to say, the first step towards making things uncomplicated looks quite promising and that assures better possibilities for permanent health cure in the near future.