Technology alarm to drink and drive


Now parents don’t have to worry about their children’s long stay at late night parties and get-togethers. They can take a sigh of relief, rest and relax. Parties these days, be it a small function, casual meets, fun interactions or restless rendezvous don’t get over unless they are finally toasted by a glass of liquor. Parents are often concerned about the fact that such events are usually followed by a regular wind up and people carelessly walk back off to their places by driving themselves.

Drink and drive has often been propagated highly dangerous not just by the traffic authorities but by every single person who usually doesn’t follow it and understands the perils of the same.

The problem seems to have found out a solution as recently a new technology has worked around the same to ensure that drunk people don’t drive. A team of researchers working on the same elaborated that the process would be very simple and the technology used in the car would not allow the drunk person to start off the engine if he has exceeded the liquor limits stated for that particular state. The sensors would easily be able to track the breath levels and in turn would be able to measure the liquor consumption through the same and finally would not allow the person to either unlock the car through the opening handles or start off the engine.

The news has certainly brought about a good gesture not just for the people who were already bothered by this fact but also for the ones who until now carelessly used to drive it themselves.