Stance changed – UAE says, Blackberry services will continue




The latest piece of news has given a sigh of relief to Individual blackberry users in UAE. Of late, it was reported that the country would stop individuals and small businesses from accessing the most private data services offered by BlackBerry, however the posture has been changed and the United Arab Emirates’ telecommunications agency has said that BlackBerry smartphone services would remain available in the country for all.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has confirmed the continuation of all BlackBerry services in the UAE to both individuals and business customers. A statement released by the authority yesterday stated that the services include BlackBerry messenger, BlackBerry email and BlackBerry browsing. It was earlier reported by a local newspaper that only businesses with 20 or more subscriptions will be allowed to use high security accounts on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which allows for services such as highly secure corporate e-mail.

With the latest information, it apparently seems that the UAE government is a bit confused in terms of handling the entire issue which has been making waves for a while. On one hand, there appears to be too many minds that are everyday rolling out security guidelines and the other side holds the risk of loosing out on the technical progression in the region.