Soon plants will be sniffers


Imagine a situation when one is carrying those dangerous fiery explosives and is less aware of the security measures around him, keeping only an eye on those conventional systems and suddenly he comes around the security personnel who surprisingly tells him that he is caught. This sounds pretty interesting and in fact it could well be a scene in the future when it comes to security procedures at places like airports and busy traveling stations.

A team of researchers at the Colorado State University came out with reports which claimed that it has created such a kind of plant kingdom, with the help of which it would be able to detect explosives at sensitive places. The plants would not just be limited in accordance with any specific location and would have the capacity to be placed at any desired place.On the actual functioning of the same, the team added that these plants subtly change color when exposed minute amount of TNT in the air. They are redesigned to drain off the chlorophyll from leaves, turning to white when bomb materials are detected. Chlorophyll is the stuff which is responsible for the greenish color in plants. The plants when modified during the checks to sense TNT, the most commonly used explosive, reacted to levels one one hundredth of anything a bomb sniffing dog could gather.The experts further added that the entire process would be quite simple and very much apparent to the naked eye that just about anyone would be able to identify. The team is now analyzing how clear and fast the plants would signal in order to make things 100% sure.