Software to filter spam messages

A major problem for a considerable while may now ease up with the development of a new software that would help out the cell phone users by filtering spam SMSs.

The telecom war in India is apparently making news globally with every alternative day seeing a new entrant in the sector.

Bearing a great potential, the Indian market is getting bulkier with every passing day adding up new numbers to the mobile users data.

The commercial commodity market has been reaping fruits out of the aforementioned situation by being highly active in terms of marketing and advertising.

For the same, they have been misusing the SMS (Short Message Service) option for sharing information.

According to available data, in India an estimate 100 million spam messages are sent every day.

Companies dedicated for SMS-based advertising solution have been launched and they are able to reach to 1,00,000 people in about Rs 3,500.

One of the project incharge added that the problem of spam SMSs is getting grave day by day and a solution for the same was much sought after.

This new software is currently designed to run on Nokia’s Symbian operating system , but the team is also developing versions for Google Android and Windows Mobile.