Social Networking slacking on righteousness


Clearly, these days, one spends more time on social networking sites as compared to other daily chores which include the body necessities like sleeping and daily caring. And when the time has to go more with these sites, some time spend would obviously be productive and useful, if we take a third man’s version and some of it, to certain extent, would be less important and trivial.

A gradual however, quite frequent trend has been noticed in the recent past where things about social networking have not been heard so pleasantly. The sites are now used more for unethical and negative purposes rather than the excellent characteristics they promise.

For an example, lately, a US high school student was suspended when he was found guilty of creating a community on Facebook and in turn rating the female students of the group on the basis of their looks and promiscuity. Racial and unacceptable comments were also attached to the entire process which made it further socially offensive.

Be it an inspiration from the movies or too much leisure time which has been driving the youth towards such acts, such occurrences are highly making a negative impact on the younger population which are using such sites for a first rate experience. Even the elderly for whom such websites are a daily pastime are highly disappointed with such events.

It’s high time now that even such websites go through strict policing or else the entire experience will fade away the good part.