Small yet powerful – Microchip making waves

A group of technical researchers have come out with an advanced microchip technology which boasts of holding considerably 20 times more of memory into a small piece as compared to the ones which are available in the market today.

A circuit measuring just nine nanometers across is very much into picture after clearing the initial trials and quality checks. The size apparently is pretty small as one nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter. The scientists until now believed that 20 nanometers was the limit for microchip technologies.

The chip is somewhat available is the market and it has the storage capacity 20 times more than the units which are presently sold the most. To add to the advantages of the technology, the small chip consumes just one 200th of the electricity. Needless to say that this is the plus point of the invention as the gadgets and products which usually provide the benefits of greater memory and lesser consumption of electricity are always more in demand and highly sought after.

The end products like laptops, smart phones and tablet computers etc. holding this component would obviously catch more attention in the times to come, it appears.