Running Python with WAMP5

After much bashing of my head, I could finally run Python using WAMP on windows. And finally when it ran, it looked like an easy task provided somebody must have given correct pointers to it.
Unable to find a good pointer for myself, here I come up with the one:

Important point is that I could run Python on WAMP that has following configuration:
1. Apace: 2.0.59
2. Python 2.4
3. mod_python-3.2.8.win32-py2.4.exe
And finally, a httpd.conf file.

The order of installation should remain same. And WAMP is assumed to be installed at C:/wamp. Python at C:/Python24 and mod_python uses Python of C:\Python24 directory and puts in
C:\wamp\Apache2\modules directory.

All of these can be downloaded from below:

1. WAMP5
2. Download python 2.4. I used ActivePython-
3. Download mod_python
4. Download httpd.conf. Replace your earlier httpd.conf with this one