Romance gets to smart phone users

Recently, Nabix , a South Korean applet developer launched a smart phone application for iphone users, downloading which the users would be able to have a virtual mate in their pockets at all times to relax and romance.

Named as ‘Honey its me’, usually works by making video calls from a virtual model. The smart phone users get about 3 to 4 video calls everyday from this gorgeous and ravishing model called ‘Mina 22’.

The app plays the sound of female using enticing vocals. The 22 year old Mina utters lines and phrases in a way that the users instantly get caught in the spell. More than 100 comments were framed and recorded around video calls by a Korean model which sound highly alluring, especially for the single men.

The Operation Head at Nabix, said that initially the applet went on sale for $1.99. However moving ahead, the same would be available for free download. The application information is already making rounds on various social networking sites and has been among the most talked off subject in among the single men’s’ communities.

Getting forward, the entity, Nabix, plans to come out with new versions with messages in English, Chinese and Japanese. It would be available both at a price and for free. An Android version launch is also on cards.