Piaggio Vespa: Designed for Women in Vintage Style

Italians has always been special, when it comes to automobiles. They’ve yet again got attention of the entire nation with the stylish, powerful, attention seeking and vintage looking gearless scooter in the form of Piaggio Vespa. Known as “VESPA” to the common people, its almost the Caeser’s Ghost. In terms of look, its handsome and beautiful and is designed in a way that it would suit both the genders equally plus the deadly colors which they’ve circumscribed it in has made it look even better.The photo above might not look as good as Vespa as the instagram effects are not the best ones but still I would recommend it for all the young ones who are looking to buy a new one and have a good budget as it is a bit high in terms of the price. The launch price of it is set to be Rs66,000 which will cost you something around Rs70,000 on road. Its powered by a powerful 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 125cc.

It is based on a single-cylinder design on 10bhp and 10.6Nm. Though, these figures are not as good as what it shoudl be but still with the embedded Italian design, one can always go for it. In terms of the speed, it way too behind other 125cc scooters or even 102-109 cc gearless scooters like Honda Activa. You can even call it as one of the slowest gearless scooter present in the market at this moment.

However, if you have a close desire for going with odd-choices, it would suit you the most.