It has been a while that I wrote this blog: creating social networking like orkut in Drupal We are about to launch a social networking site, more precisely, a Facebook clone and are calling it Kickwork. There is lot that has happened. It has become a huge code and a lot of templates. One article [...]

Lately, I have come across an amazing tool PHPSecinfo that allows us to fix PHP security holes by scanning and then recommending changes in php.ini. PhpSecInfo is an equivalent to the phpinfo() function that reports security information about the PHP environment, and offers suggestions for improvement. It does not do any kind of code auditing, [...]

Title: Add Watermarks / Stamps to your PDF documents with texts, images and shapes for protecting copyright Website: Keywords: PDF Watermark, PDF Stamp, Add PDF Watermark, Add PDF Stamp, Sign PDF Watermark, Sign PDF Stamp, Make PDF Watermark, Make PDF Stamp, PDF Watermark Maker, PDF Watermark Creator, Create PDF Watermark. Content: Have you realized [...]

Tile: Merge / Combine Multiple PDF & Image Files into a single PDF Document Website: Keywords: Merge PDF, Combine PDF, PDF Merger, PDF Combiner。 Content: Wonder to merge two or more different PDF files into one easily accessible file? It is indeed a terrible thing in the face of so many PDF files from [...]

In a country that boasts of more than 100 million internet users and holds a position that takes a seat at number 3 in the world for the highest number of online users, technological progression is something which is inevitable, a trend that is foreseeable and not surprising. The most popular social networking entity in [...]

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-8895" src="" alt="3_0" width="560" height="350" srcset="http://www viagra aus 560w, 300w" sizes="(max-width: 560px) 100vw, 560px" />Recent times have seen a strong focus on making Learning easier and convenient. The very inability of making it accessible to a wide array was always a concern; however with Learning Management Systems coming to the [...]

The sad truth is that many freelance writers are making less now than they have in many years thanks to a flood of terrible jobs and cheap labor in the online marketplace. Finding clients only seems to get harder as more people turn to freelancing because of the unstable supply of full time work. Luckily [...]

Website security is a lot like flossing: we know that we should do something about it, but it's difficult to see how it helps before it gets too late. For the small and medium business owners, security plan comes down to believing that they are too small or insignificant to be attacked by hackers. But [...]