How to Over-rule 5 SMS per Day Limit

The government of India has already announced to cap the limit on maximum number of text messages send per day to 5. This is in effect from 18th August to 2 September 2012. Although this has been done to keep the citizens safe and secure in some parts of the country but it is a bit annoying as one cannot communicate in a better way. Specially for the teens and youngsters who uses Text messages as their life-line to communicate, this has worsen up the situation.

But here we’ve come up with a solution which would allow you send around 25 SMSes per day or even more! No, I am not asking you to but a new sim. I am just talking about a way which would allow you to do so. Here is how I managed to send 50 SMS in the entire day.

  • I sent 5 SMS from my Cellphone.
  • I sent 5 SMS each from services such as Way2SMS, JaxtrSMS and 160by2.
  • If you have MTNL, you have all in your pocket as their SMS limit is not working properly (Checked).
  • Also, one of my SIM (Idea Postpaid) is allowing me to send more than 5 SMS.
  • You can also use services like Fring, Nimbuzz, WhatsApp (If you have a Smartphone such as Android).

So in this way, you can try making most out of all the resources.

  • Nice way around the limit.I still believe its very lame on the govt side to impose such restrictions.

  • ‘Solutions’ are for problems. What you have is not a solution but a way of breaking the rule.

    This rule was created for a reason. If you don’t agree with it, complain to the Government. Don’t find workarounds!

  • Where there’s a will there’s a way… nice tips for youth of India.
    high five to you.

  • Here is the information is provided about over rule sms day and really it is great rules and topic to discuss and it is nice to comment here.