Now social profiles to play in college admissions


Not just it has made the admission process easier and efficacy glued for the colleges but the flip side also spells a difficult life for the students who are active on various social networking sites. Most of the colleges in US these days are using social networking sites as an admission tool which has more importantly value added to the entire recruitment process.

Social media profiles of the applicants are now of great significance as they can make or break the chances of students to get into a college. The educational institutions are paying serious attention to the social profiles before finally closing on the cases. This seems to have brought in a well placed admission procedure which lets in more of good profiles on board.

With little knowledge about the system among the students initially, a substantial number was seen as the strata which was deemed unfit for the admission, especially due to inappropriate social media profiles. Now that the news has caught attention and far more people are aware of the same, they are not just getting careful in terms of framing their profiles but they are also seeking professional help to ensure better chances towards admission.

Whether or not, it would make the process effective or not, social networking would surely improve one of it’s’ sides. Let’s see.