Now Robots to serve at eateries

For food lovers, the feast would now come without any tip. Recently a restaurant was inaugurated in Jinan, a northern Shandong province in China. The eatery has come out highly popular within just a few days. Ironically, it’s not because of the cuisine variety on the menu card or the quality of the food but because of the service being accorded. Actually, it’s all been done by Robot waiters and not by humans.

More than a dozen robots operate in the restaurant as servers, entertainers, greeters and hosts. The place has caught attention due to this and more and more people are hitting the joint to experience the never heard technology enabled innovation.

The robots generally carry trays of food in a conveyor belt like system. Each robot has a motion sensor that prompts it to stop whenever someone comes in its way to reach out for the dishes.

Generating a great initial response, the restaurant is planning to deploy close to 30 robots in the coming months which are expected to have advanced features than what the current lot possess. They would be more human-like; bearing qualities that would serve customers at their table and would be able to walk stairs up and down.

With first of its kind, the restaurant’s owner is highly optimistic and feels that this novel idea would make China’s identity more prominent in the tech domain in the times to come.