Now Robotic trousers for the paralyzed

Robotic trousers which may well be of great help for the paralyzed seem to be a reality in the near future. An Israeli businessman, who was paralyzed in an accident 13 years ago, claims to have designed robotic trousers which can help the paraplegics walk and step.

Known as the ‘Rewalk’, the device can help the paralyzed to stand and walk using the crutches for stability, while leaning forward and moving the upper portion of the body in different positions.

The robotic pants use sensors and motors technique to help the disabled people for the movement. It’s actually a 15kg device which is generally worn on the outside of clothing. It consists of leg braces outfitted with motion sensors and motorized joints that respond to subtle changes in upper body movement and shifts in balance.

A harness around the user’s waist and shoulder keeps the suit intact and the computer along with a rechargeable 3 and 1/2 hours battery is carried by a backpack. While under operation, it makes sharp sounds.

A company by the name of Argo Medical Technologies was specially founded to commercialize the device. It’s been a few years since the trials are being carried out in Israel and the United States and finally the units are expected to go on sale in January at leading medical and rehabilitation centers in and around the world.