Now a canine iPhone app


If at all you are having a pet dog and finding it difficult to manage its life, the new-born iPhone app can make it easier for you. A man’s best friend seems to have enough importance and which is perhaps why it’s been taken care of so thoroughly.

The new ‘My Dog’ application allows dog owners to create and share personalized profiles of their dogs, which is similar to Facebook. It provides all the relevant canine information and functions as a dog’s ID and medical/insurance cards. The profile includes a picture, description and other info about the dog’s owner with emergency and contact information as well as details on vaccination and medical history. The data about the dog can be emailed or uploaded to a user’s Facebook or a Twitter account. The app also serves as a dog travel guide with listings of various related services.

With this application, surely the people having pets will find it easier to supervise things or who knows, the software may just drive masses to go for a pet as they would have technology helping them out with all the administration part.trailer film Conni und Co 2 – Rettet die Kanincheninsel

Think about the latter, It may be a worthwhile option if you are seeking a companion.