Nokia installs interceptor

The negotiations between the government, in fact more specifically the security agencies and the telecom players offering blackberry services made way for some settlement when Nokia recently installed its server in India. The peripheral is extensively meant for interception of email and messenger services which would now enable the security outfits to monitor the aforementioned services enjoyed by the entity’s users.

In intimation to the concerned authorities, Nokia confirmed that the action conforms to all the legal obligations and related directives for the services. The enterprise further added that the users need not worry as the much important aspect of privacy has been kept on the priority list.

With Nokia coming ahead proactively to allow interception, it would now push the Canadian entity ‘Blackberry’ to follow the suit by speeding up the process.

The fight news to allow or supervise the services has been making rounds for a considerable while now as most of the service providers demonstrated a reluctant attitude while at the onset of the directive issue; however the move would certainly instill more confidence among the other operators now.

Nokia being a prominent identity and with over a decade of presence in India, there are little chances of the customer base making any hue and cry over the step taken as the promise of privacy assurance is well within the sight.