News to ban Gmail, Skype in Russia dismissed


Russia, being a highly sensitive region over the years, especially generating security hazards and tribulations, has always been trying its bit to overcome its global image by overhauling security measures from time to time. Technical endowments, for eternity, are tried and tested numerous times before being incorporated by the country bosses.

The news which raised a million of eyebrows recently, stating that the country is all set to ban services like Gmail and Skype was finally sent home, after it was denied by the Russian security services spokesperson. The dialogue was born when one of its top officials said that such services posed a serious security risk. The information and special communications director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) told a cabinet meeting on Friday that he was growing “increasingly concerned” by the use of services with foreign-made encryption technology.

The comments sparked an immediate furor in the Russian Internet community and were dismissed as a “personal opinion” by a source close to President Dmitry Medvedev, who himself is a tech fanatic. An FSB spokesman said on Saturday that the agency was not proposing a ban on the popular services. “Quite the contrary — the development of advanced technology is a natural process that should be welcomed,” he added.