New Browser to map human body in 3D

It hasn’t been much time since Google, the Search engine giant, became controversial with the launch of its ‘Street View’ program and now it has launched another, however not yet into any fight but even not sure how much it would be acknowledged.

It’s actually a new browser that would be able to map the entire human body in 3D. The application which is known as ‘Google body browser’, is expected to revolutionize general masses’ understanding of human body and fast track medical research. The new invention is already been labeled as a major headway in the study of anatomy.

The application which hasn’t been officially released yet, would enable one to explore the physical body in the same way as one navigates the world using ‘Google Earth’ which is widely popular all across for its virtual globe model fetching map and geographical information.

Though the entity hasn’t come up with any public release on the new application, however a couple of videos on the internet do provide some glimpses at how it works. The actual reaction from the masses would only be apparent when it would officially be unveiled. With much being said and talked about the application before its release, Google would surely be taking a lot of care in terms of putting together its unearthing plan.