New Blackberry smartphones to use Bing


Bing’s comparison with Google is an evaluation that is hard to comprehend and perhaps too harsh for the former in terms of market assessment. This is especially when Google is way ahead of Microsoft’s Bing, both in popularity and efficacy levels.

With the news coming out on Tuesday that the new smartphones by Research in Motion (RIM) would be using Microsoft’s Bing, a large strata of technology population has been pleased, more specifically the people who have been MS and Blackberry patrons for years.

The announcement was made by Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer at RIM’s annual BlackBerry World conference in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday. Bing director, Matt Dahlin outlined the plans on the Bing Search Blog. Dahlin said “BlackBerrys shipped to wireless carriers will use Bing as its default search and map services. Bing will be the BlackBerry browser’s preferred search engine.”

“RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet already uses Bing for search and maps.”

Microsoft had about 14 percent of the US search market in March, while Google had about 66 percent. This is according to comScore Inc.

The figures are expected to come close in the coming times, that is primarily anticipated as the smartphone users all across the globe continue to soar.