MSN caught in its own web


It was long awaited and had to strike back. Referring to the same old story for the MSN technical team which every now and then keeps haunting them, even this New Year was hardly new. The trend was repeated again when the entity found itself caught in its own web. The Hotmail email service went haywire and numerous of users across the globe were surprised of seeing no emails into their accounts. Either the emails were appeared to be deleted or were moved to different folders and spam basket.

The entity has this practice of archiving emails and deactivating accounts if the users don’t log in for a specific period of time. Though with regards to maintenance and cost effectiveness, it sounds pretty much sensible, however with the competition getting stiffer in the last few years in this domain, the consumers only enjoy services that are uninterrupted and provide them with unlimited features. The fact of the matter is that this outage has happened far too many times in the past however goes unnoticed as it affects individual users and hence doesn’t come into the limelight as a bigger picture. This time around, it was in the news since substantial amount of users were affected.

According to some technical experts, the snag occurrence is very much possible during the times of maintenance or selective screening of accounts so its very important to be extra careful during these times.

Looks like its time for MSN to alter its policy, especially when the email users are getting limited day by day and people are moving more towards messaging and Facebook.