Motorola Atrix to slay laptops, iPad

No prizes for guessing as to what’s THAT in the tech world which is making news at the moment. The much popular product from Apple, the iPad 2 is the headline which is being talked out here; however there is something else which is cropping out in tandem building up to a breaking bulletin.

The Motorola Atrix, the phone that was unveiled by the entity at the technology fairs earlier this year has really impressed the tech masses in the domain. In fact, it has been dubbed as a ‘laptop killer’ according to the Daily Mail reports. The Motorola Atrix phone can be turned into a proper laptop by attaching a screen and keyboard, both of which have to be separate devices. Technology magazine T3 has even snubbed the iPad 2 – Apple’s latest version of its tablet device – to hand the Atrix the ‘hottest gadget’ accolade.

T3 editor Luke Peters said: “This wasn’t about products that have been hyped, but about products that really disrupt the market. We see the iPad 2 as more of an evolution than a revolution.”

“The Atrix can really reshape how we think about mobile phones. It’s incredibly powerful and versatile, and for us it really showed that you can do something different with a mobile phone.”

“It is also a warning to Apple that mobile phones like the Atrix that run Google’s Android software are really making a big impact.”