Microsoft releases IE 9


Six months after the release of the Internet Explorer’s (IE 9) beta version, Microsoft eventually came up with the final release of the software last Monday. The new web browser is an open source and available for free download in 30 languages at It is specifically meant to be operated on Microsoft’s latest operating systems, Windows 7 and Vista, however the software will not run on Windows XP as the company wants to ‘Push the web forward’.

IE 9 now becomes the first browser bearing a ‘do not track’ tool which prevents an online user to keep its surfing habits under cover. It also includes a feature called ‘tracking protection lists’ to allow users to stop specific web tracking companies from monitoring what sites they visit.

Mozilla reportedly had already announced the introduction of anti tracking tool in its upcoming version of Firefox browser. That would then leave just Google’s Chrome and Apple as the only major browsers yet to declare their support.

The browser also uses HTML 5 which according to the sources will make it speedy to navigate and graphic processing chips that power visuals including videos and games. The company officials revealed that many companies including Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo have adapted their websites to IE 9.

With the fact that the beta version of the software was downloaded two million times in the first week itself, the officials are quite hopeful and feel that the new browser would further help in regaining the lost ground in the product domain.