Masses go berserk – iPad 2 releases in another 25 countries

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Apple Inc. went ahead with the predefined schedule of releasing iPad 2 in another 25 countries after its native launch in the US on March 11th. The international launch regions which were due for a release on 25th March were all set up for the product sale as per the original dates.

The international launch kicked off in New Zealand, then Australia, and in other countries including France, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Canada and Mexico.

Reportedly, some 1 million devices were sold in the first week of the U.S. launch, but many warn that it’s not clear how supply constraints will affect the availability especially because some of the iPad components are supplied by Japanese vendors and the country apparently hasn’t really recovered fully to run operations normally. However, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said on Tuesday that the company was “working hard to build enough iPads for everyone” as the company struggled to meet U.S. demand alone.

The prices in the United States start at $499 for the most basic model with 16 gigabytes of storage and Wi-Fi only connectivity while the same model in Denmark costs the equivalent of $702 which is the most expensive globally. In the euro zone, the basic iPad 2 is selling at 479 euros ($678) in most countries, although it is slightly more expensive in France and cheaper in Luxembourg. Unusually, it is cheaper in Britain than in continental Europe, selling for 399 pounds ($642).