Larry shuffles around with the Executive team

Not much time has passed since the new CEO has taken over and started off, defining his moves for the most popular company in the world. Quite recently, Larry page, co-founder of Google, the search engine giant, took over from Eric Schmidt as the new CEO. The latter still stays as the executive chairman of the company.

Leadership styles are always emulated all across especially when it comes to top heads like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and the reason apparently has been the uniqueness in the way they govern things while working aboard. Larry wasn’t any far behind when he reshuffled the executive team, marking one of his first moves.

As per the recent reports, Google Inc. named as senior vice presidents Andy Rubin, its top mobile executive; Salar Kamangar, the head of YouTube; and Sundar Pichai, who’s in charge of the Chrome browser and operating system effort. Joining them are Alan Eustace, senior vice president for engineering and research; Vic Gundotra, who leads social ventures; and Susan Wojcicki, who heads ads.

With the fresh movement, the coming times are making way for some serious strategies being documented in all the operating domains. Let’s see how much it affects the outcome as Google is easily the world’s most valuable Internet company presently and would only like to move up the ladder.