Joking software – No kidding

Comedians, Artists, Script writers and Jokers will now have less work in hand or one can say it would be easier for them to put together funny pieces of jokes and related stuff.

A computer program designed at the University of Aberdeen would fulfill the role of all the aforementioned profiles. The software which is known as the ‘Joking Computer,’ holds the ability to create and frame millions of jokes using a large dictionary of words and simple language rules. It would be able to produce riddle style funny material, plain jokes and in fact everything that can trigger smiles and laughter.

The renowned department store, Debenhams, is in touch with the Computer science department of the University to come up with a stack of series of jokes and funny matter for the upcoming festive season.

One of the officials added that the joking program would be a perfect fit for Christmas crackers and would present the masses with an in-house avenue for pure leisure and fun.

With computers being a part of just about every urban household across the globe, the software exhibits great potential to make it big in the coming times. It appears that very soon, even the stand up-comedians would start relying on the software for their script. Only the delivery part would then be left for them to practice.