Java Intro


Java is a high level object oriented programming language.It was developed
by Sun Microsystems in 1990’s and was used for web application development.

Java is platform independent i.e. independent of O.S and hardware.
This will be explained in detail in the next tutorial.
As we know that computer only understands the language of 1’s and 0’s i.e. Machine language.
These binary languages are difficult to understand by human; so we generally use an intermediate language instead of binary language.
The program uses high-level language that is converted into machine language that the computer understands.
So a programmer writes a program and uses a compiler (translator) that allows the computer to read and execute the programs.
A compiler converts the program(source code) written by the programmer into machine language(binary language).The source code can be converted into machine language by a compiler as well as an interpreter.The basic difference between the two is that the former converts the entire source code into binary code at once while the latter converts one line at a time.


There are a lot of programming languages such as C,C++,Pascal,Basic,C# etc.
They are also used to create various applications.Java is influenced by C, C++, Smalltalk and borrowed some advanced
features from other languages.