It’s Google after Amazon – To launch Online Music Service

msSucceeding Amazon’s footprints, which in April this year launched an online music service, Google, in all certainty, would be coming up with a similar music service on the web very soon. The initiative would bring in with better choices for the internet users while they intend to utilize their free time listening to some vocals and instrumentals.

The information was unveiled by the Wall Street journal which had some prior knowledge about the project plan.

The Journal said, “Google is likely to announce the service at its annual Google I/O developers conference in San Francisco. The service will operate in a testing mode initially and not be available to the public at large.”

The Journal further added, “Google has not sought licenses from the four major recorded-music companies and the new feature is likely to include a system that functions much like a remote hard drive. Users could listen to songs they have uploaded to the service in a ‘streaming’ mode, but will not be able to download the files.”

It was only last month when Inc. launched a similar service that allows users to store about 1,000 songs on its web servers for free instead of their own hard drives and play them over an Internet connection directly from web browsers.

Apparently, the services offered by Amazon are getting a good response from the masses, a trend that can further encourage Google to go for the launch with much more poise and confidence.