ITES making it big for IT


Around 5 years back, including those few years comprising of global economic slowdown, things were apparently quite encouraging for countries like India, Philippines and even Indonesia. Things were looking highly promising when the global recession hit quite badly, not just the countries under listed under Developed but also the Developing economies.

Respite seems to have now taken the lead. It’s leading the way to recovery. Countries which were until now mostly thriving on ITES services majorly, are now in greater contention for IT businesses. Needless to say the pull has been generated all from the success and rise of ITES sector which has been the major gravitational force when it comes to client satisfaction over services and the quality of the end products.

Though there was a time in between while it was going great guns for the IT companies who were investing like anything and outsourcing their services freely to India, a few drowned major ships which were among the backbones of the IT forces in India, somewhat had shaken the way but it wasn’t much time that the preventive measures were taken and the corporate governance was pulled up stringently to deal with such situations in the future and quiet clearly it looks very encouraging at the moment, with not just the ITES but also the IT sectors flourishing like anything.