IT majors surge offshore headcount

The latest trend of appending workforce offshore only swelled when recently Capgemini, one of the prominent French entities into IT consulting and business outsourcing, revealed its figure for employee count in India.

The starting of the year was 10k short of its current strength which has now picked to 30k, a collective number for all the cities in India. The news is quite interesting especially given the fact that the company has only 20k employees on rolls at its HQ in France.

One of the senior officials termed it as a smart move adding that the enterprise would mainly focus on the concept of ‘fresher recruitment’ which would substantially cut down on the costing. He further added that comparing the profit margins of the native operations with that of the Indian counterpart, the difference is quite promising and enticing enough to carry on with the practice in the near future.

The company has already been seen acquiring more office space in the recent times. With tier-2 cities providing advantage in terms of cheap infrastructure, they are in the list of support centers as well.

The BPO segment too has evenly grown in terms of manpower. It’s not just the backend operations anymore but complete end to end support hubs. With Capgemini hitting the road, no wonder if more players in the domain soon gear up for the same.