iPhone app makes dating secure

loveNow that first date of yours becomes relatively safer and the acknowledgement goes to a new iPhone application which has been designed to make the first meetings secure and safe.

Around 20 million people are estimated to visit online dating sites every month in US alone. People are more prone to internet dating ever than before and it’s difficult to assess the character of people and nature of meeting generated online. The new app is expected to help towards the cause.

The application has been developed by Chicago based Date Tracker Alert LLC. It aims at removing that obvious apprehension which is usually associated with most of the first face to face encounters. The person with the application can maintain their dating privacy. The app generally works by sending out an email or text up to four chosen emergency contacts with the name, time and location of the date if the app owner does not check in by a predetermined time by clicking an ‘I am OK’ button on the app. The date’s email and cell phone number can also be included in the app and a maximum of four people can be listed as emergency contacts.

With phones now offering that extra security cover, more and more people in the future would be encouraged to go about online dating and similar stuff.