iPad 2 finally hits stores in Japan


The long wait eventually came to an end when the much awaited, perhaps the most sought after tech gadget at present, Apple’s iPad 2, arrived in Japan. The Japanese launch was originally scheduled for March 25th, however it wasn’t made in time since the regional attention was seriously focused towards the aftermaths of the recent earthquake and tsunami.

The stores, on Thursday, were seen inundated with hundreds of people queuing outside to get their hands onto the gadget. People in Tokyo waited patiently from early morning outside Apple’s main stores in downtown Ginza and the shopping district of Shibuya. The sellers were equally excited to sell the product as the Apple stores distributed bottled water and black parasols with the Apple logo to many of those queuing up to spend 44,800-60,800 yen ($548-$743) on the latest gadget.

Apple sold more than 15 million iPads last year worldwide and 4.69 million during the last quarter. Even though the native player, Sony, this week, unveiled its first tablet models, codenamed S1 and S2, there weren’t any signs of people loosing interest in iPad 2.

Apparently, the market is already heated up with quite a few entities rolling out their versions to compete in the domain. Samsung’s Galaxy is one of the biggest competitors to iPad whereas RIM also launched the PlayBook a few days back.

The coming days would surely spell some interesting trends with the ground all set for the action.