How to Install Apps from SD Card Directly in Android

Installation of custom Apps for almost all kind of  work is the best feature of Android as a Mobile OS. You can easily get Apps from PlayStore and install them directly. However if you download some APK i.e. the App Installation File from some other source (i.e. some other website ) then it gets saved to your SD-card and there is no way given in the android which would allow you to install it by browsing directly.

This was one of the most prominent problem that Android users reported specially in GingerBread (2.3.x). But here is a simple solution which would allow you to install any APK file from your SD card with ease.

Yes, we are here talking an App named Easy Installer which allows you to install app from SD card.

This app once installed, searched your entire SD card for APK files and comes up with a list of all installations file which can be installed from there itself by just tapping over the Apps name.

Here are the features of this App:

  • Installation of more than one App at once.
  • Search for all installation files.
  • Searches in all files and folder.

So install the App and enjoy installation of other Apps.