Influencing lives globally – Top techies

If it’s technology then one is automatically forced to think about Windows or iPhone these days. The apparent reason lies within the fact that products and gadgets created by entities like Microsoft, Apple and Oracle hold a place in just about every alternative household and official space across the globe.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that people like Bill Gates of Microsoft and Steve Jobs of Apple have considerably changed our lives over the last few years. Inventing a technological innovation every passing day, they are not just making it big for their own brands, however also making things simpler for the masses in every sphere that survives on technology.

Oracle Corporation CEO Larry Ellison, Larry Page, the Co-founder of Internet search giant Google and telecom king Carlos Slim are others in the elite list who’ve been touching our lives with their day to day acts.

Exec Digital, one of the leading magazines featuring technical publication, further added that these influential top notches would continue to affect the way we lead our lives unless we stop relying on technology and that is something which is highly impossible even if we try doing so. Such is the dominance and impact of this machinery in the present tech world.

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