Be India’s First Facebook Brand Ambassador

Everything related to Facebook on Internet has  a glamour attached to it and what better than getting a chance of becoming their first Indian Brand Ambassador. Yes you got it correct. Facebook has recently introduced a new Ambassador program in India which would help you in becoming famous without doing anything. Yes all you need to do is encourage your friends and family members to use Facebook on Mobile Phones.

Their requirements are very simple and anyone can participate in it with ease. All that you’ve got to do is encourage your friends to install Facebook App on their smartphones and then associate their phone numbers with it. As and when they do so, you can pass on the same to Facebook India and the person who gets maximum referrals will be chosen as Brand Ambassador.

You can even go promote it in your school as here is what is mentioned in the official documents:

If instructed by Facebook, you will engage in activities to promote Facebook.

Such activities may include working with your school administration to setup the authentic page for your school on Facebook, creating you college Yearbook on Facebook, uploading pictures of each class and tagged students in the pictures, organizing a Facebook Day on Campus that focuses on educating the audience about using Facebook on mobile devices, etc.

Some of the Mobile Service Providers in India also promotes Facebook with zero-usage policy.