India’s Cheapest Laptop by Allied Computers (ACi) at Rs 4,999!

After hearing a lot of buzz about the cheapest Car of the World (India’s Tata Nano)and cheapest Tablet (Aakash Ubislate), its now time to talk about the cheapest laptop ever launched in the country. The UK’s longest standing Computer brand i.e. Allied Computers (ACi) has unveiled their lowest cost laptop in Indian Market at an amazing price of just Rs 4,999.

Here are its Configurations and Features:

  1. High Definition Audio
  2. 10/100 Ethernet Adaptor, Wireless Adaptor, 3G Ready (Optional)
  3. 0.7Kg weight with Battery
  4. 512MB Primary Memory (RAM)
  5. Expandable RAM to 1.0GB
  6. 3 USB 2.0 ports
  7. 1024 x 768 resolution
  8. 4GB storage space which is expandable to 32GB
  9. VIA CPU
  10. 1 Push Card Reader, MMC / SD Web Cam
  11. 10.2 inch LED display

At the price set, I am sure that people who are newbies and want a PC only to do a few things and learn the basics will prefer it and I am sure that it will go well in the market because everyone want to buy gadgets at cheapest rate.

At the beginning stage, the company is looking forward to sell around 200,000 laptops in India in first year.
Check out the Photograph of its release:

I think this will help India in getting computer education in rural areas. Not just this, It can also help some of the state government who’ve promised laptop for everyone in their election manifesto.
What is your views about it?