IIT-B campus in New York


Great news not just in terms of emerging technical studies opportunities for the masses in New York but also as an avenue which holds the promise of taking technical studies and research for the Indian Techies to abroad and ahead.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) has invited IIT-B to submit a proposal to set up a campus in the Big Apple for applied sciences.

New York mayor ‘Michael Bloomberg’ is highly excited about the prospect of having a touch of optimization in terms of business areas. He added that the city is planning to identify right partners and establish strong channels as the fields of Engineering, Science and Technology would be creating the next generation of global business innovations.

Terming New York City as a complete and an appropriate destination which holds the essential components of highly educated global population and a strong financial and business community for capital support, Bloomberg said that the place is all set to become a robust hub for applied sciences and engineering.

NYCEDC has not just invited top institutes from all across the world to send in their offers but has also allowed the already interested institutes to apply under the scheme.

The officials at IIT-B said that the proposal is at a budding stage but they are taking it very seriously. NYCEDC, on the other hand, plans to speed up the process after receiving all the applications in April with a view to set up the school in a years time.