Human-shaped cell phone developed


The race is on for the operators in the cell phone market like never before. The pace at which the mobile users all across the globe are growing is not surprising. The contributing factors are apparently low cost and variety full devices which are persuading people to go for them. Different kinds bearing varied looks and types are presently flooding the markets.

In a similar effort to come out with something unusual and special, a team of Japanese researchers has developed a cell phone, demonstrating a human being look. The phone also has a skin like outer layer. The Elfoid is a smaller version of the Telenoid R1, the robotic answering machine developed by the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR). Telenoid R1 looked more than a little like a disembodied Casper and could mimic speech and gestures sent to it by videophone, replicating a distant caller’s presence. The Elfoid is the same but easily fits in the pocket and tickles one when he or she gets a call.

The device is expected to generate huge interest as and when it would be out. Until then, we can expect to see some more assortments from the mobile phone makers. The recent times have proven that while its technology, expect novelty to be part of everyday life.