HTML Submit Button

It is a type of input form provided in HTML.To learn about HTML
submit button you should have a general idea about HTML input
forms.Click here to learn about HTML forms.

What Is Submit Button In HTML

Submit Button is used to submit the data to the server.Here is
an example:



Use Of Submit Button In HTML

When the user enters data in the text fields and clicks on the submit button
then the all the information is sent to the web server.Then the server decides
what task is going to be performed on the data.

Creating Submit Button In HTML

We have seen what a Submit button does and now we will learn how to create a
reset button.Here is how to include it in your webpage.


Similar to a submit button is a reset button which is used to reset all the values in various input fields.
learn about reset buttons
Note:When you enter the data and click on the submit button then the data is sent to the page “html-form-submit-button.asp”

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