HTML Styles

Webpages contain not only plain text but they also contain multimedia images
and much more in it.There are different ways to make the webpages more attractive and catch the eye
of the visitor.HTML content is styled accordingly.

HTML Color Coding

Webpages are made interactive by adding colors to it.We can add colors to the background,
change the font of the text and much more through style attribute.We can focus
the attention of the visitor on the content we want him to see.

<body style="background color:blue;">
<h1  style="background color:red;">A Heading</h1>
<p   style="background color:orange;font:verdana;size:10px">A Paragraph</p>

 The following result will be dispayed:

A Heading

A Paragraph

HTML Styling Example

There are different ways to style the content.We can also align the
text according to our needs.

<body style="background color: purple"></body>
<h1 style="color:black;text-align:center;">A Heading</h1>
<p style="color:yellow:font-family:arial; size:5px;">A Paragraph</p>

The browser would display the above code as:

A Heading

A Paragraph