How to use Drupal CCK

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10. How to use Drupal CCK (Drupal Content types)?

Content Creation Kit or CCK is an extremely useful utility in Drupal. CCK comes handy while creating content using forms on a Drupal website. Once the CCK module is enabled in Drupal any number of custom fields can be added to any custom type. Websites built on the Drupal platform come built in with standard features such as Blogs, Story and Page. These in turn have ‘Title’ and ‘Body’ fields as basic features and if a user wants to add any extra field the same can be achieved through the use of Content Creation Kit.


Right now CCK is a contributed module on Drupal and one needs to install it before its functionalities can be brought to use. However, the soon to be released Drupal 7 will incorporate the CCK feature as a part of the Drupal core.


The latest version of CCK can be downloaded from


To enable a specific function of the CCK module for your Drupal website, go to Administer-> Site building->Modules.


For creating new content types go to Administer->Content management-> Content types-> Add content type.