How To Create Webpage

Requirements For Webpage

You don’t need any special tool to learn HTML.

  • you don’t even require an editor for HTML.What you need
    is just a text editor such as a notepad or a wordpad.
  • You don’t need a webserver for your webpage, your own computer can act
    as a webserver.
  • You don’t even need a website to upload your webpage.

Creating First Webpage

<h1>This is my first webpage.</h1>

The above code will display following result:


This is my first webpage

To begin your first webpage you need an editor such as notepad.Open notepad on your computer
and begin your webpage by < html> tag.Every HTML page begins with this tag.
We know that every tag in html has a beginning and a closing, so every tag has to be closed.HTML tags are closed by a forward slash ‘/’ followed by name of the tag enclosed within angular braces.These are basics of HTML.
Ex- , etc.

Learn more about HTML Basics.
Everything that has to be displayed in the webpage is written in between these tags.
The browser displays only the content between the tags and the rest is ignored by the
Write the content in the notepad that you want to display.Then click on the file menu and
choose save as option.Save the file with ‘.htm’ or ‘.html’ extension.
Minimize the notepad and open the saved file.
You have created your first webpage.

File Extension In HTML

You can save your file with ‘.htm’ or ‘.html’ extension.Both are valid according to world wide web

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