Headsets soon may take over


Apparently, it’s the headsets which make life easier for people who are dependant on the phones for hours for conversations and talks during long office hours or even while work at home.

Market watchers have recently revealed that Headsets may soon take over by replacing the phones. They would be working as the calls would be routed via PCs. The overheads incurred in phones can now be utilized in other products as their cost would be substantially cut down.

Desktop computers can have built-in microphones and speakers; however the conversations can distract people, especially talking about environments mainly constituting huge call centers running 24 hours a day with huge manpower.

The headset makers are now seeing this as a huge market and they are ready to come up with convenient models that can plug into desktops and laptops for quiet conversations and conferences. Some of the dynamic headsets are portable as well, switching easily between desk phones, cell phones and computers.

With such flexibility, moving ahead, one simply will have to put on his headset to choose his style of device