Hack free software a reality now


Little reasons to worry now with scientists reporting the development of world’s first hacker proof software. The program can protect systems from failure and malicious attacks, the news added.

The seL4 microkernel has been developed by a team at Australia’s ICT Research Centre of Excellence’s spinout company – Open Kernel Labs. It’s a small OS which regulates access to a computer’s hardware. The characteristic of this incredible piece is that it has been mathematically proven to work correctly. The feature thus enables the same to separate itself in terms of trusted and un-trusted soft wares. That is what helps it to protect the system from security threats.

With the rise of numerous applications, seL4 can make sure that trusted soft wares for significant purposes can work securely with un-trusted programs on a user’s mobile phone such as the ones downloaded from internet used for games and other visual stuff. It would also be able to provide a secure environment for mission critical defense data machines and life supported functions of an implanted medical device on a common platform used for everyday applications like email.

The robust foundation trick behind the operation of this program lies with in the fact that it arithmetically has proven itself to function correctly which is the core part.